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Feature Suggestion: Field Hints

  • It would be very useful if we could create “Field hints” for fields. Like this from Gravity Forms:

    Maybe an option to just switch the descriptions to something like this, maybe a separate things altogether.

  • Are you looking for hints while creating field groups or for the fields that you’re creating?

  • Hints for fields I’m creating. I do a lot of work for clients and I can inline instructions for them, but once they get used to it, those instructions are just in the way.

    So if beside, say a field for adding a date, there could be a little circle with a ? they can hover over / click on and it pops up a little bubble that reads “Enter the date for the start of the event”, or whatever the message would be.

    So, these would be configurable in the Custom Fields editor, and viewable / hoverable in the actual Post, Page, etc. editors.

  • I would suggest that you open a new support ticket here so that your request can be passed to the developer.

  • While I said to submit a ticket, what you want would probably be possible with some custom CSS and JS added to ACF. I can’t tell you what would need to go into it, but there is a pretty good overview of how to add it here

  • Thanks John.

    I realize this isn’t part of the current ACF, and didn’t want to submit a ticket. I just saw this “Feature Request” forum and thought I’d request a feature, figured it was a place for people to share ideas. 🙂

  • The feature request section of these forums dates back to a time when the developer had a lot more of it. The developer still checks in here from time to time but now the only people that will really see them are other users. The best way for a good idea to get to the developer now is to send them through the ticket system. The people that manage that end of the support usually forward these requests to him.

    I think this is actually a good idea, it could be added to the “Instruction placement” setting for the field group (Below Labels, Below Fields, Tool Tip).

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