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Feature Request – Rename each field instance

  • It would be great if the admin could label the instances of the fields for easy reference.

    We use flexible content fields a lot – our clients build long, complex pages from flexible fields – its amazing!

    However it can be a little confusing to manage. Because we name the fields by content type, rather than what the content is – as they can use them for different types of content, they might see lots of repeated titles of each block. We have some sites where they add 30 or 40 blocks on a page.

    It would be great if the admin could see a name they’ve given the field when its collapsed, so they know what they’re looking at.

    For example. A user might currently see all their collapsed fields as

    Large image
    Link Grid

    If they could add labels they might see

    Intro – duh!
    Paragraph – Product overview
    Large image – lifestyle shot
    Paragraph – Product specs
    Image Grid – Product shots
    Paragraph – Product description
    List – Product dimensions
    Link – Buy now link

  • Thanks for the feature request. I will bring this to the developer’s attention.

  • Great – here’w an image to show you the sort of thing I’ve been loooking at all day! Illustrates the point quite well.
    screengrab of flexible fields

  • Hi @zander ,

    I have made a JS-workaround for exactly this. You can find the code for it starting at line 22 in this file:

    The file also holds some other ACF-functionality that may be of help. Do note that if you have a lot of fields, it may add some extra loading time since the JS have to loop over all the fields.

  • Hi folbert,
    your script helped me a lot, thank you very much!

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