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Feature Request – radio button group across Repeater rows

  • Is there any way to make a radio button in a Repeater Subfield that is grouped across rows, so that only one radio button can be selected for the entire table?

  • Do you mean you want to have a single setting applying to all fields in the repeater that is the same?

    Couldn’t you just a set a value outside of the repeater and use this external variable inside your repeater loop?

    If you want the option to override the setting on each individual repeater, you could have a boolean for this and check for that first before using the other value.

    I often do this with a tab called ‘Advanced Settings’ to make things a bit easier for the user too.

  • I mean that I want the ability to allow/force the user to choose a boolean that’s true for one and only one row of the repeater table. For example, if the repeater is a list of people, I want to have a column for “Main Contact Person.” Setting that to “true” for one person should set it to “false” for everyone else, like a group of radio buttons.

    Does that make sense?

  • Ahh yeah that makes sense. You’re probably right, that would need to be a feature addon I think.

    As a temporary workaround, you could always include the option on each field and add a message that says that the first instance of this variable being selected will apply.

  • I need this too, for a very similar situation. 1 row needs to be set as the default in a repeater.

    Anybody get it working?

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