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Feature request for oEmbed field

  • Hey Elliot/ACF Team,

    I have been using ACF for over a year now and it’s saved me a lot of time – thank you!

    I’ve never made a feature request but thought of something today that could be helpful.

    My idea is to have a ‘Show related YouTube videos’ button toggle on the oEmbed field. At the moment, if you try to add a YouTube URL to the oEmbed field with ?rel=0 at the end it doesn’t recognize it as a video which means YouTube videos without related videos have to be added separately, a checkbox in the field settings that allows you to turn related videos on/off would be very useful.

    I’m not sure how much of a job this is but I thought it would be a nice option to have – let me know your thoughts!

    Thanks, Harry.

  • Hi Harry,

    Glad to hear ACF is helping you out 🙂

    I see what you mean here and my only concern is wether it is possible with the way oembed works in WordPress at the moment.

    The oembed field is actually really simple. All it does (for the actual oembed part on frontend) is that it returns the value from wp_oembed_get() which is a WordPress core function.

    My concern is that rather than it being ACF not recognising an url with ?rel=0 it’s the WP Core function. And since it doesn’t take any other arguments than width and height (apart from the url to embed) custom controls for this in ACF couldn’t do anything.

  • Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I see, that’s a shame! Maybe a future feature if the WordPress gets updated sometime 🙂

    Thanks again, Harry.

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