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[Feature request] Collapse rows in Repeater field by default

  • Hello, I have little tip for improvement. It would be nice, if we have ability to make repeater rows collapsed by default. It would be helpful with rows, which have hude ammount of columns and on the first glance, you just want to see all rows.

    If you think, this is not for wide use, it would be at least helpful, to have new filter, to intersect acf_get_user_setting() return value. That way, we can modify various user-specific default values which would be useful in many more cases, than just collapsed rows.
    As of now, and as WP core is written, it is impossible to modify metadata, you are getting by acf_get_user_setting(). Also with all deeper calls to get_user_meta(), get_metadata(), there is no filter to modify returned data. There is just get_{$meta_type}_metadata filter, but that is called too early and you have to take care of metadata caching by yourself.

    There is of course JS way, how to achieve row collapsing: but I think, we all feel, that this is not to cleanest solution 🙂

    Thank you for considering this, Jakub Klapka

  • You should submit you request by opening a new support ticket It’s the best way to get this to the developer.

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