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  • Two suggestions:

    One thing that consumes too much time for me, is when the customer gets an idea of something like a “switch” to control any field in the final rendering.

    The prime example is what I’m doing now. Adding a three-way choice whether the field should be displayed on mobile, desktop or both. This means creating and duplicating the same radio button field over and over again. While that is cool within one set of custom fields, when the same thing should be done for five sets of custom fields it becomes a pain.

    The solution would be if you could create “presets”, reusable fields with the correct settings, descriptive text and options. Rather than duplicating or copying each setting to a text document and then pasting them back into ACF, you could then choose a preset and then just change conditions and reference.


    When using flexible layouts and creating conditional content, the actual page edit will create looong lists of content parts. You can solve this by clicking on the bar for the part to minimize it.

    This is good, but would be even better with two additions:

    * The ability to choose minimized view as the standard.
    * The ability to see what condition the block follows

    The last part needs a little more explanation. If I have conditions for a soundcloud block, a wysiwyg block and a soundcloud block, Having the Label for each condition after the layout name would be awesome, so when I minimize, the block wouldn’t be labeled for example “Body” if the layout is named Body, but rather something like “Body: Youtube clip”.

    The result would be much easier navigation with minimized content blocks.

    These two suggestions would be really awesome if they were to make it into a future build.

  • I second the second idea. Adding a customizable label on Featured Content layouts would be HUGE. So that when they are rolled up you can get an idea of what is inside.

    My idea would be to insert a new options on Text Fields INSIDE of flexible content layouts which could be a switch for “Use this value for Flexible Content label”.

    So what I usually do is have a text field which serves as the header (or some other data inside the content) that would be perfect for using as the label of the FC block.

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