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Fatal Error icl_object_id in _functions.php

  • Hello,

    when saving i get a Fatal Error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function icl_object_id() in /var/customers/webs/path/path/wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-fields/core/fields/_functions.php on line 315

    The problem is in every posts, pages or options page.

    My version of WordPress is the last 3.6, no other plugin is installed

  • Hmm! It appears that the plugin is checking for the icl_object_id function, which requires that WPML (a translation plugin) be installed.

    Now, a quick check at the source code, though, shows that it’s checking for ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE to be defined. Is that constant, perhaps, being used elsewhere in your installation? Did you have WPML installed at one point?

  • Thanks sirjonathan, i’ve found the problem caused by WPML functions. Thanks!

  • You’re welcome! Happy that I could help.

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