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Fatal error after updating plugins

  • Hi ACF people

    After updating the plugins on my site, I am getting a fatal error, that seems to relate to ACF (and its communication with Elementor). I am not tech savvy enough to dig into the php myself, so I was hoping someone on here would be kind enough to lend me a hand, and help me fix the problem. This is the error I get:

    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Object of class WP_Term could not be converted to string in /var/www/ Stack trace: #0 /var/www/ acf_get_value(Object(WP_Term), Array) #1 /var/www/ get_field_object(‘field_61a746065…’, Object(WP_Term)) #2 /var/www/ ElementorPro\Modules\DynamicTags\ACF\Dynamic_Value_Provider->get_field_object(‘field_61a746065…’, Object(WP_Term)) #3 /var/www/ ElementorPro\Modules\DynamicTags\ACF\Dynamic_Value_Provider->get_value(‘field_61a746065…’) #4 /var/www/museum in /var/www/ on line 96

    Thank you in advance!

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