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Failed to upgrade PRO from 5.7.0 to 5.7.2

  • Hi, I am a freshmen to ACF PRO, the project was delivered by someone we can not get touched in…So, please give me a hand.

    When I run the wp plugin update advanced-custom-fields-pro
    I got a result as below…

    Aktiverar underhållsläge...
    Laddar ner uppdatering från
    Warning: Nerladdning misslyckades. "Bad Request"
    Inaktiverar underhållsläge...
    | name                       | old_version | new_version | status |
    | advanced-custom-fields-pro | 5.7.0       | 5.7.2       | Error  |
    Success: Plugin already updated.
  • I’m not sure where or how you are updating. ACF needs to be updated using the plugin admin on the site. You’re probably getting a bad request error because you’re not including the activation key.

  • I’m also receiving a Bad Request error trying to update from 5.7.4 to 5.7.5 (multisite):

    Plugin Advanced Custom Fields PRO bijwerken (1/1)
    Update downloaden van…
    Er is een fout opgetreden bij het bijwerken van Advanced Custom Fields PRO: Download mislukt. Bad Request.
  • Hi I get a similar error.. using the Admin screen (like I have for the last few years), but the error on the Plugins page is:

    Update Failed: Download failed. Bad Request

    Is it possible that my Activation Key has expired? Can I send this to you (Support) privately to check its validity? TIA Gary

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