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Extend ACF Pro Conditional Logic in order to work smoothly with WMPL / Polylang

  • Hello! I’m working hard to find a perfect setup for ACF + a multilingual plugin. Of course the dirty solution is to use qTranslate, is quick and very easy to teach to my clients: all you need is in one page!

    But its time to move to something cleaner and more stable.

    With WPML / Polylang you can sync all the custom fields of a post between its translations. it’s the only way when you have complex admin with flexible contents and repeater or both.

    The goal is to avoid to fill up the forms as many times as are the languages. But in this way you have a huge, ugly wall of forms!

    This morning I came up with this idea:

    It would be great to have a core function that show you as conditional logic the available languages.

    In this way it would be easy an clean to create complex admin pages that looks a lot more user friendly.

    (in the admin you will see only the field of the current language and the global fields)

    So.. question: Is it possible to extend the conditional logic rules as we do with the fields types? (and it has to be global, because now the conditional logic are related to their meta-boxes only)

    Thank you!

  • Hi @mosne

    Thanks for the request. Before we talk about conditional logic for language, did you know that ACF and WPML already play quite nicely together? You can translate each field group into each language.

    Then when editing a post, you can translate the post into each language and the respective field group will appear!

    Does that help?

  • this is a huge step forward for ACF thank you funkjedi!

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