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Exporting Fields from files.

  • If I can’t access the WordPress backend of a website but I can access the theme files.

    Is their a file in the Plugins->AdvancedCustomFields that holds all of the added CMS custom fields?

    Eg, Is there a way for me to get a copy of all the fields without logging into the WordPress backend and paste them into a new install?

    Reason for question.
    My computers logic board recently blew up. I still have the files but I lost all the databases so I don’t have the WordPress backend.

  • the only way they would be available is if local json was used. this is done by adding the folder “acf-json” to the active theme. If you don’t have that file there isn’t any way to get the fields.

  • So to clarify.

    If in the future I was to create a folder called “acf-json” directly into my active themes folder the custom field data would then be automatically saved there?

    So wp-content -> themes -> mytheme -> acf-json

  • I just did that. Amazing thanks.

    That solves the issue of this happening again in the future.

    Wish I knew this before.

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