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Exporting and Importing CPT with ACF Data

  • I’ve done a few quick searches and this seams more complicated than I think it should be so I think I’m missing something.

    I’m redesigning a site that used CPT’s with associated ACF data. The new site is using a custom taxonomy that the old site didn’t (if that matters).

    I’ve exported the data from the old site.

    I’ve replicated the Field Group exactly for the CPT in question.

    When I import the data, it is pulling in the Title and Content but only the ACF data fields that are text. None of the fields that have the the Type of File are imported. The Return Type for the File Type is “File URL”.

    Did I do something wrong or this just how it works?

    Is there another way I should be doing this?


  • The reason for this is that the field keys of the fields you created on the new site do not match the field keys of the old site. The field key references for the ACF fields will have values from the old site.

    You have a some choices.

    You can export the field groups from the original site and import them to acf instead of recreating them. This will ensure the field key references remain the same.

    You can use an export/import tool that is ACF aware like

  • This makes sense. I had to go ahead and re-enter everything but I’ll try this the next time this comes up.


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