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export/import XML file to same site

  • In each of my group’s I have over 200 fields. Sometimes I have to go back and edit a lot of them. For example I just had to update over 60 Select fields to change default value to null.

    My idea to expedite this process is to first export the group to an XML file. Then edit the XML file. Then import the updated XML file back into WordPress. I first need to ask

    Will this overwrite the previous configuration for the fields I changed in the XML file while leaving the other fields untouched?

  • Let me know if what I’ve explained is confusing.

  • I went ahead and did it. I Imported an XML file of a large field group back to the same site I had just exported it from but only after editing the XML file, changing the null values of the Select fields and fmaking some field name changes.

    I am happy to report that importing the updated XML file updated the fields with the new field names and new null configurations. This did not cause any loss in data or cause the data to get mixed up. The data that was already collected for the fields still display in their correct places on the output page.

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