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Export/import field values

  • Is there a way to export/import the values entered in to the fields? i have a staging site where i entered lots of custom fields data and i need to copy it to live.

  • Did you ever find a way to do this?

    I used WP Admin–>Toolset–>Export but a lot of the data doesn’t seem to be extracting.


  • Let me take that back, it is exporting everything (I think) but it puts it within [CDATA] which denotes to XML parser that this data should not be read as XML even if it looks like properly formed XML…

  • As far as I know the only way to export/import fields for ACF is to use a plugin that is built specifically to work with ACF. I don’t know of any that are free. I use the Pro version of There are others that purport do work as well but I have never used them.

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