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Export ACF data to Excel Spreadsheet

  • Hi All,

    I installed ACF on my AgentPress Real Estate site so I could have Seller Detail fields on the back end, lockbox codes, seller name, seller contact details, etc. It’s a great tool because I can keep these fields from being visible on the front end of the site.

    I would like to be able to export the data from these custom fields into an Excel spreadsheet. However when I do export the data, it comes back looking like this: field_52b9b1e32284f, field_52b9b24e22851, field_52b9b22822850, etc.

    Is there a way to get the actual data in these custom fields? This would make ACF the perfect solution to exporting listing data for the real estate agents.

  • Hi @lazybeaches

    What you have pasted, are 3 field keys.
    Each field you create in ACF has a unique field key.

    Without knowing how or what you ‘exported’, I can’t explain why you have these values. Perhaps you need to select some different settings in your export plugin?


  • I named a field “Seller Name”

    When I go to export the “Seller Name” field, it comes back as the field_52b9b1e32284f instead of the Seller’s name. I want to know how to export the actual data put in the fields of the created custom fields.

  • I use PhiMind plugin for exporting. I can choose Custom/Meta Field and then choose _seller_name

  • Hi @lazybeaches

    Instead of selecting ‘_seller_name’, please select ‘seller_name’.

    The first is a reference value to the field_object which explains why you are seeing a field key instead of a value.


  • I just did an export of the field you mentioned and received “FALSE” in all the fields in that column. I chose seller_name, seller_email, and all the other custom fields that I create that don’t have the underscore in front of it.

    What would cause a “FALSE” result for all the fields requested? When I go into the listings, these fields do contain data.

  • Just to be clear, the standard WordPress fields did populate data, like title, ID, date, etc. It was just the ACF data fields I wanted to export that came back with “FALSE” results.

  • Hi @lazybeaches

    I installed the plugin in question and have successfuly exported some posts with a custom field column!

    I have attached a screenshot below to show the custom field value.

    Perhaps the ‘false’ value is due to no data being found for the given post type and custom field name?

    I also had an issue with the plugin where no values would appear because of a PHP error coming from the plugin. I turned off debug mode to fix this.

    Hope this helps.


  • I see the PHP error, but don’t have an option to turn off debug mode. I ended up deleting and re-installing the PhiMind Export plugin and the “FALSE” notification disappeared. Hopefully this is a permanent fix, but if it’s temporary and the PHP error shows up again, I could delete and re-install as I did this time. Exporting the data has truly made a huge difference for us!

    Can you share how you turned off debug mode? I’d like this as an option rather than deleting and re-installing if I encounter this issue again.

  • Hi @lazybeaches

    DEBUG_MODE can be found in your wp-config.php file.


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