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Existing front end form Events Manager

  • Hello,

    I am a newvbie to ACF and I am trying to get ACF to work with events manager on the front end submission form but I can’t get it to work, I must be missing something very obvious but I might need a pointer in the right direction.

    I have added groups and fields in ACF and placed them in the edit-event form template, all fields show and I can fill them out, but they do not get stored in the back end event post. They seem to get lost in a seperate event post with it’s own id in the database and not the actual event saved by events manager. When I fill out the fields in backend everything works and the fields are saved properly, so I do know it is working, it is just the front end form I can’t get to work.

    I have got the add form before the get_header and this is the code for the form:

    <?php acf_form(array(
    	'id' => 'event-form',
    	'post_id'	=> '$EM_Event->event_id',
    	'field_groups'  => array(454,487,490,493,438,433.423,421),
    	'form'          => false,
    	'return' => ''

    Can anybody give me push in the right direction to make it work?

    Thank you

  • You need to set the id id' => 'event-form', to the id of the event post being updated.

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