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exclude already selected posts objects in other fields (ajax)

  • it’s me again with another complicated question that probably no one is going to answer but please try to if it is possible

    so i have multiple repeaters fields on home page which mainly lists post objects that im trying to promote the first one is a repeater fields which gets post object and make a slider out of it. the second one again a repeater field maximum two posts gets two promoted post objects and outputs it the third is named sticky post and it uses a relationship field to get post object of the selected posts .

    im excluding the already selected results in the front end by using a multidimensional array of post ids but i want to do it in the backend this is for a large news website with multiple editors i can tell them to make sure not to choose duplicate posts but im sure it going to happen and even if its not showing in the front end im gonna get complains that why that post is not showing so i want to make it as easy as possible in the backend (idiot prof).

    with all that explanation here is my question is it possible that once a user select a post object in one field exclude that post object in all the other fields probably with jquery that would be great thanks again for your awesome plugin

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