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Examples of adding acf data into new post

  • Can someone provide normal examples of “adding acf data to new generated post”?

    I don’t understand how exactly we can add our acf data to complex repeaters field logic.

    For example, can I simply add like this:

    add_row('field_5572bef008ebf', array(
        'field_55bcef9fcc94c' => 'someval',
         'field_5572ed3fefcb8' => array(
             'field_55c71cf24dd7f' => 'someval',
             'field_56a74edfa0efe' => array(
             	'field_56a74edfa2efz' => 'someval',
             	'field_56a75edfa4eff' => array(
             		'field_56a74sdfa2efi' => 'someval'
             'field_5572ee5befcba' => 'someval',
             'field_55b90e5ca1cdf' => 'someval',
             'field_55b90b13a1cde' => 'someval'
    ), $post_id);

    I’m adding acf data after post was generated, and have status ‘draft’.

  • Hi @infogoldweb-lt

    You can take a look how to update a field here: I believe it works for a newly generated post too.

    You can also check the structure of the repeater by creating a post with the repeater and show it using this code:

    echo "<pre>";
    echo "</pre>";

    I hope this helps.

  • Solved with your provided explanation. Thanks James!

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