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Every field group listed when using Gutenberg

  • With the Gutenberg plugin activated, every ACF field group is being listed beneath the main text/block editor. Even stuff that’s supposed to only show on Option pages.

    It doesn’t seem like the fields themselves show up where they shouldn’t – just the field group title with a toggle icon – when clicked the fields themselves don’t show and nothing expands apart from the fields that should be on that particular page.

    So in the attached image the only fields which should be on that particular page (per the designated location settings) is the group called ‘Page Settings’ – and indeed when clicking the group title toggle the only fields which expand are those ones.

    Similarly changing the page template doesn’t switch out the fields which are set to display based on that template either.

  • Just to note – in case it makes a difference – all of these field groups are added programatically.

  • Same here, all the fields listed (even the inactive ones) – just the headers show, nothing can be edited unless we activate the classic editor

  • Same here and my fields are NOT added pragmatically at all, all via the standard ACF interface.

  • Hi all,

    Unfortunately this is a known issue between Gutenberg and ACF.
    The issue was raised with the Gutenberg team who will look into a solution for WP 5.0.1.

    We have mentioned this issue along with some other known ones in our latest blog post here. Please be sure to have a read:

    You can follow the GitHub issue with WP here:

    Thanks for your patience whilst we sort out these issues with the WP team.

  • @elliot thanks for the links, just read the first one about the rushed release.

    We really do appreciate your hard work on this and totally support you in the long term. ACF is fantastic and we know that you and the team will work hard to iron out the kinks and adapt to this massive change.

    Thanks again for your awesome work and commitment.

  • This is happening for me as well , all fields are showing on all pages/posts and the classic editor plugin is installed.

    The odd thing is when i tested this on my local dev version of a site it didn’t happen , all was good , but when i updated the actual live site … problem !

  • 5.8.0 beta3 fixed this for me

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