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Event Registration for User-Submitted Events

  • Is there a way to use ACF plus any add-ons that would let me do this:

    – allow unregistered users to add events on the frontend (4 text fields)
    – moderate these submissions
    – upon approval, this event would then be posted live AND
    – visitors would be able to register for the event
    – event would get a page of its own, complete with a Googlemap

  • Hi @phantasmix

    great quesiton. In short, yes.

    I have written a similar front end for for a website I am developing.

    Basically, use acf_form with this tutorial to get your form to create draft posts:

    Then, as an admin, you can publish the draft and it will show on the site.

    You may need to add in some extra customization, but there are actions and filters if you need.

    Good luck

  • Awesome, thanks!
    Was considering another plugin but ACF is always the cleaner and more flexible way to go. Love it 🙂

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