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Errors with Theme Check plugin

  • Hi AVC,

    I think you must fix errors of AVC plugin when we check it with Theme Check plugin. A lot of errors here.


  • Is this on a theme where you are including ACF in the theme? There are some things that ACF does that will never pass Theme Checking, for example, reading local JSON files. Including ACF in a theme and expecting it to pass the theme check plugin is unrealistic.

  • Okay, because I’m selling themes on Themeforest and I got soft rejects by ACF plugin. I will try another way to fix this.

    Thank you so much!

  • I’m sure there are others there selling themes that include ACF, maybe ask them what they do? Or ask the people in charge there?

    I’m not familiar with Themeforest. I am a little familiar with the theme check plugin and I know some of the things it does not like. The biggest one you’ll have to overcome is the one I mentioned above. The function call for file_get_contents(); throws up a big reg flag in theme check and doing a lot of digging I discovered that there isn’t any way around using that function without completely defeating the purpose of saving fields groups in local JSON files, which is reducing execution time.

  • I’m wanting to know this also. Using ACF Pro, which can’t be distributed as a plugin, so it’s included within the theme. However theme check now reports errors, so it won’t be accepted on ThemeForest.

    grovepixels, did you end up finding a solution to this?


  • OK, I now have this working, although it may be a little dodgy.

    I have included all ACF folders directly inside my plugin folder (folders include admin, api, assets etc).

    Then whatever is inside acf.php has been placed inside my plugin PHP file, before I create any custom fields.


  • hey @klayemore my theme also soft rejected..How can I solve theme check errors? Could you pls help me?

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