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Errors in doc for format_value filter

  • Regarding the doc for ‘acf/format_value’ filter, there is a wrong pasted text from the filter ‘acf/load_value’ I reckon.

    For the ‘acf/format_value’ filter, I didn’t find more than two ways in the code to hook into it :


    It could be handy to have the 4 ways as well for the format_value filter…

  • Hi @Djules

    Thanks mate. I’ve just updated the docs and will consider adding in the 2 other ways to hook. I intended this filter to only be used for field types, not specific fields (because you could do this with load_field, or even just in the theme file)

  • Is the filter acf/load_field triggered when retrieving the value on admin ?

    All I want was format the value of a field on the frontend (i.e. truncate its content after 20 words), but obviously not in the admin.

  • Hi @Djules

    Yep, acf/load_value is called everywhere a value is loaded (back and front end), the acf/format_value is only called on the front end

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