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Error in french translation

  • Hi Elliot,

    I found a typo in the french translation for the option “Hide on screen”.

    Hide on screen
    Select items to hide them from the edit screen

    In the french version it says “Unselect items to hide the from the edit screen” which is wrong.

    So the correction is “Cochez les champs que vous souhaitez masquer sur la page d’├ędition” instead of “D├ęcochez…”.

    Let me know if it’s not clear.

  • Hi Djules,
    Thanks for the feedback.

    I will compile a report for the developer to look.

    In the meantime you may also updated to the latest version and let us know if the problem still exists.

  • Hi James,
    Thanks for you reply.

    I’ve upgraded to the latest version (5.2.6) and this text is no longer translated for now.

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