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Enter & Save ACF Info Outside of Posts

  • I’ve only recently started using ACF PRO, so I apologize if this is a basic question. I searched for a few hours this morning and couldn’t find a solution, so I figured I’d ask!

    I set up an ACF Field Group called Freebie Info with a few labels (Store Name, Deal, Location URL) for my posts in a single, specific category. I then edited my single.php to conditionally display the labels at the bottom of those posts. Works great!

    I also plan to use Post Tables Pro to create a table that lists all the ACF labels info.

    However, I’d like to add some ACF entries to the table, but they do not have an accompanying post for me to enter them at. These are small freebies that don’t warrant an individual post, but I’d still like them to appear on the table since a few people might enjoy them.

    Is there a way to add entries for an ACF field group without making a post for each one?

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