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„Endless“ nesting with ACF possible?

  • Hello,

    I’m trying to achieve something like an endless nesting with ACF. The Problem is, that AFC only nesting in first level.

    For Example:
    I have a group which containing a text field (question) and a repeater field (answers). Inside the repeater field they are just another text field (answer) and a clone which is calling the group again.

    The goal is, to define a question with x answers. Every answer could have a follow-up question with x answers and again the answers of the follow-up question a could have further follow-up question.

    I hope that was understandable formulated. Is this even possible with ACF? If yes, any idea how to achieve this?

  • ACF will not create infinitely nested fields. If you use a clone field it will only clone the field once. If it finds itself it stops. This is to prevent crashing the site by creating an infinite loop. Someone else asked this recently

  • Hi,

    thanks for the fast answer. Thats a pity.

    Sure it makes sense to prevent an infinite loop. But there should be at least an option to limit the loop instead of completely killing the loop.

    Then I have no other choice to do it myself. Thanks again for your answer.

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