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End of support for custom field?

  • Hello, I’m new to wordpress and acf, and my questions are still fuzzy but I’m a bit stuck with them right now. Sorry for the long post
    It’s a mix of several questions regarding the end of support of the classic editor and which choices I should make regarding the use of acf.
    I began here to develop a plugin with acf and we will need acf pro. It should lasts a long time so the choice I make now are important.

    Before going further: I’ve seen that the classic editor will have and end of support probably end if 2021 (possibly later, but who knows).
    Are the custom fields created with acf will be affected by this end of support?

    Otherwise, I’m actually confused between the possibility of having a custom post type with gutenberg enabled or not, and having to declare my fields in a block or not.

    I’ve integrated some acf fields in a custom post type. We like the idea, since different type of redactor will have access to it or not. It’s good if it’s clearly separated. Any redactor can then insert this custom post type in any page with a shortcode.
    I’ve seen the fields of my custom post type display well either if my custom post type is gutenberg or not.
    My preference is without gutenberg, since we will never need any extra things in this custom post type. But if I have to to ensure future compatibility, it’s ok. (and maybe I can prevent to add some other blocks in this cutom post type somehow)

    Then I’ve seen that this fields can be integrated in a block or “regularly”.
    I have little interests to have them in a block. But should I, still to ensure future compatibility?
    And then if it’s a block, the fields will have to appear on the right side, right? It would be less practial.

    Thanks a lot

  • Hi friend,

    Custom fields continue to work and are normally supported with Gutenberg.

    Operation is the same with or without Gutenberg.

    You can now use ACF PRO to create your own blocks, or use ACF in the normal way.


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