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Elementor Dynamic ACF linking?

  • Hi,

    I’m managing a medical information website (act pro, elementor pro) where some 400 articles are published, written by several doctors. However, all the articles are published through the same WP user. What I do now is, I have custom layouts and add them after the content using hooks and display conditions according to tags. For instance, all posts by Doctor X has “Author – Doctor X” tag selected.

    Now, I’m trying to use Elementor’s theme builder to create a single post template. On CPT I created a new post type for Authors and in ACF assigned author_name, author_title, author_image, and author_bio fields.

    Now in Elementor where I want the author info, I put all fields in place, a 2-column layout with the author_image on the left, and author_name, author_title and author_bio on the right. I use the Dynamic option of Elementor and choose the respective ACF Fields. However, this setup doesn’t display anything, of course. Because I don’t know how to tell Elementor or ACF or both, to show which Author’s info on which post.

    No matter what I tried, couldn’t figure out the issue.

    Would very much appreciate any help.


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