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Editing/updating/saving before loading (not a bug, but an issue)

  • I ran into a simple but problematic issue after developing a website that had several long pages that heavily relies on ACF (thank you very much for ACF by they way).

    The first problem is when you use tabs. Tabs sometimes take a while to load, and while you wait you can see all content under one tab. Maybe it would be good to hide the tab content till the page has loaded.

    The other issue is related to the above. Being a developer I understand that I need to wait for pages to load before saving or updating them. However, clients don’t know that. And in the case of this plugin, if the client saves or update a post/page before the page has fully loaded all fields that have not loaded yet will save as blank/empty.

    Perhaps the above is not just a ACF issue, but a wordpress issue in general. Maybe the save button shouldn’t be available till the page has fully load. Or a page/div overlay should prevent people from editing the post till page has fully loaded.

    Anyway, I just thought I would share some thoughts on those issues. Like I said, it’s really a bug… but it’s an issue.

  • Hi

    Thanks for the feedback Your quite right and I’ll look into fixing the timing of the tab field in the future.


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