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Editing page Just for adding text

  • We have website we are building that we don’t want the editor to mess up. So we are using this program (I hope) to give them editing fields (on a page) (let’s say home), but they don’t have access to anything else of the site. So on the front page we have the custom fields, but in the back end they only have access to a editing page where they can fill up the custom fields, and that is it. Is this possible?

    I think it is, but which combo should we go for?

    Also this website will be a multi site. Does this plugin works with multi sites?

  • Yes the plugin works on multisite.

    ACF can be use to allow editing as much or as little as you want the user to edit.

  • Please forgive me, I as one more time.

    I am working on a site (about to start), and the owner is giving the client ability to edit the text, but only on an admin pane (to preserve the look of the site. The site is needs to have boxes with limiting the amount of text is imputed. Say, 300 characters per box. There may be 4 boxes on the front. In about us, may be 2, etc. I will need to have an admin page where all these pages get edited. Does this plugin do that?

  • Not by itself.

    You could create an options page that this user is allowed to edit that contains these fields and text and then modify the templates to show the text wherever it should be used.

  • OH, I am sorry, one more. Is there a place I can see an editing panel. Like the widget area, ONLY for editors (not with extra settings, where editors won’t mess up settings that are important.

    Is there a sample I can see please?

    If we need help, is there a way you can help us more directly?

    Thank you,

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