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Editing Gallery Images Added by Other Users

  • I’m having an issue on 1.1.0 on WP3.6.1 with the Edit button on images that were added to a gallery field by another user. User capabilities allow them to edit others posts, and even tried with Administrator rights, but instead of the Edit Image modal, we get the Upload Image modal.

    Super admin (network admins) are able to Edit a gallery image.
    Admins are not able to edit the gallery images.
    Post authors are able to edit the gallery image.

    All are able to Edit the image attributed from within the wordpress Media section.


  • Hi @gminc

    Thanks for the bug report.

    The ACF gallery field uses the native WP media popup to display the field data, then it uses CSS to hide the usual main / side bar layout and only show the sidebar.

    The issue may be that the WP popup contains a bug in regards to user permissions, so can you open up the normal WP popup (via the_content WYSIWYG) and try to edit the image in question using different user accounts?

    Does the WP popup allow you to edit the image?


  • It was a CSS overlap on the page with MP admin style plugin.


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