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Editing Form from front end shows blank

  • Hello,

    Im using ACF to create new posts in my custom post type. I also want users to be able to edit posts that they have submitted. Creating new posts works fine and content is passed through successfully. When I attempt to edit a submitted post from the front end, the form shows completely blank, including the post title field. So If I Submit it after editing it creates a new blank post.

    I need the form to show the data that was previously entered including the post title, and when I hit submit I need it to update the content.

    Right now im including this on both my add-page.php and my edit-page.php

    Custom Template:

    $new_post= array(
                 'post_id' => 'firm-profile', // Unique identifier for the form
                 // PUT IN YOUR OWN FIELD GROUP ID(s)
                 'field_groups' => array(594), // Create post field group ID(s)
                 'form' => true,
                 'html_before_fields' => '',
                 'html_after_fields' => '',
                 'submit_value' => 'Submit Post',
                 'updated_message' => 'This Post Was Saved, Please Add A New Firm',
    			'return' => '%post_url%',	
    acf_form( $new_post);
    <?php acf_form(); ?>


    add_filter('acf/pre_save_post', 'save_post_from_frontend');
    function save_post_from_frontend( $post_id) {
    //Check if user loggin or can publish post
    if( ! ( is_user_logged_in() || current_user_can('publish_posts') ) ) {
    // check if this is to be a new post
    if( $post_id!= 'firm-profile') {
    return $post_id;
    $post= array(
    'post_type' => 'providers', // Your post type ( post, page, custom post type )
    'post_status' => 'publish', // (publish, draft, private, etc.)
    'post_title' => $_POST['acf']['field_5e0b90db10390'],
    'return' => '%post_url',
    // insert the post
    $post_id= wp_insert_post( $post);
    $_POST['return'] = add_query_arg( array('post_id' => $post_id), $_POST['return'] );
    return $post_id;
  • You may want to check that you’ve added acf_form_head(); function to your template file before the get_header(); function.

    I don’t know if this makes a difference, but I usually have an array of strings for my field groups:

    	'field_groups' => array('group_5b97a105e7aa7','group_5b9944bf65405','group_5ba3c0692f67a','group_5b99428f53157','group_5b994530e2cc1');
  • When editing a post you need to supply the post ID of the post to be edited to acf_form(), otherwise ACF does not know where to get existing data from.

     // to edit you need to set this to the post ID to be edited
     'post_id' => 'firm-profile', // Unique i
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