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Editing custom fields like in a spreadsheet

  • Hello,
    I’m looking for an option to edit posts with custom fields in a table/spreadsheet view: I have a custom post type with several custom fields. In addition to the standard edit page where title/author/date is shown for all posts, I would like to have a page where all the custom fields are shown like in a spreadsheet (similar to Excel/Calc etc.) and are even editable (at the end of each row an Update button).

    Does a plug-in like this on top of ACF exist or is there a simple way to generate edit fields from ACF so I get the HTML code for one field given the post ID and field name/id (for value checking, displaying/selecting post names for post objects)?

    To make this clear (because this is what I always ended up finding when I was searching for solutions): I do not want a custom field type for a table/spreadsheet, nor do I want a non-standard database layout in a separate SQL table nor a way to display a table for the users. All I want is more comfort in editing custom fields of multiple posts 🙂

    Best regards

  • Short answer is no.

    The only thing that is even close to this is

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