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Editing ACF Json directly

  • I have inherited a site that uses ACF. I need to add a sub-group to an existing acf field group.

    in the WP admin I do not see any field groups in the “Custom Fields -> Field Groups” UI.

    There is a acf-json folder in my themes/ directory and I have found the file which coordinates to the acf field group that I want to add a sub-group too.

    My question is can I edit this file directly? The keys seem to be generated and I do not want to break something. If editing the file directly is not the best practice how can I modify this acf field group?

    Thank you in advanced.

  • I edited the JSON directly and just made up key names and it appears to be working so far. Still curious if there is a better way to do this.

  • You could also import the field groups into ACF and then edit them. More then likely the theme was developed on a dev site where the field groups where editable in acf and then the theme was coppied to the site you are working on.

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