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Editing a page will modify datas for page with same template

  • Hello, I am using ACF for years now, and didn’t get this issue until today
    And my trouble only occure on 1 page.

    here is the explanation :

    I’ve made a HOMEPAGE template
    I setup my website home page with this template (let me call this page PAGE A)
    When I’m creating new pages (PAGE X, Y, Z) and applying HOMEPAGE template, then editing & save content : all datas on PAGE A have been replaced with the pages X, Y, Z datas
    But editing PAGE A don’t replace in X, Y, Z
    aswell as editing PAGE X don’t replace in Y or Z

    (hope you will understand my explanation)

    I’m not duplicating pages, permalink are all differents, I’m quite lost with this issue, if anyone can provide some help :3

    Much appreciated.

    Have a good day

  • If this is happening then it is not something in ACF. Deactivate plugins or change themes to see if you can find where the conflict might be.

  • Already tried boss

    Creating a new page without template does not replace in homepage (as there is no more ACF datas to display, and no ACF inputs)

    Only prompt when ACF is activated, and only for my HOMEPAGE template when I apply to a new page, it doesn’t happen when I setup new pages with an other template

    So might coming from ACF in my opinion, or ACF database

    (website & database were exported from godaddy provider with wordpress automatic option to a new provider without wordpress option, so Hope it’s not an issue with godaddy and wordpress db)

  • There is nothing in ACF that should cause this. Fields are saved based on the post ID that is being created/saved and not based on the template. I would suspect something in a plugin or theme in interfering and my best guess would be a filter in the theme. You should try deactivating other plugins and maybe trying a different theme.

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