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Editable Headers for Repeater Fields

  • Hello everyone,

    As I often use Repeater Fields to build front-end tables (eg for a price or spec list), it would be great if an optional feature could allow website managers to define head titles (TH) for these “table” fields.

    For now, I add as many extra text fields as there are repeatable fields on my field group to allow header labels customization by admin users.

    As a table display option mode already exists in ACF editor, perhaps this functionality could be activated on this mode, making header row labels editable on post/page edit screen.

    Here’s a screenshot to show what I mean if my explanations aren’t clear enough:

    ACF Request : Editable Headers for Repeater Field

    Then, we could imagine a Repeater Field specific function – say “get_header_field()” – to get these values in front-end from template.

    BTW, thank you very much for your plugins Elliot and the bunch of time I saved using ACF for (all) my projects!

  • Hi,

    I somewhat like this idea. However there’s an issue with how this would play out when going back and editing a field in the field group admin. They’d had to be saved as special values connected to each single page/posts repeater but not actually replace the field labels you’ve set in the field group admin.

    Practically speaking those values are just the same as the repeater values really. I’ll assign this to Elliot so he can give his two cents. Personally I can see a use for it but I’m not sure if it’s broad enough to put in time on.

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