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Edit taxonomy term in frontend form?

  • Hello,
    i am trying to edit a taxonomy term in frontend form, anything is correclty show (acf group) but the title. Title field is empty but i pass post_title to true..
    These are my args (i need form arg to be false):

    $options = array
    'form'            => false,
    'post_id'         => 'term_' . $pid,
    'post_title'      => true,
    'field_groups'    => array(18),
    'label_placement' => 'top',
    'submit_value'    => 'Salva',
    'return'          => add_query_arg(array('a' => 'edit', 'notice' => 'added'), get_permalink())

    Someone acn help me to pass the correct args? Or maybe is a bug/limitation?


  • Terms do not have post_title. Terms have $term->name. ACF does not support the term name field as far as I know. You would need to create a custom text field and then transfer the value of the field to the term name using an acf/save_post action.

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