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Edit post (more than once)

  • I just submitted a post and need to edit the post immediately. I was able to do this once and now I cannot edit the post again.

    How can I edit this post immediately? Alternatively, please remove the email address I overlooked.


  • May I ask what you mean by “Alternatively, please remove the email address I overlooked.”

    To edit the post, simple hover over your comment and click ‘edit’. Does the button take you to an edit screen?

  • I am not able to edit post at all for this post. Not even once. I did edit my original post with success.

    “Alternatively…” I cannot edit the post. Can you possibly remove the webdesign@ email address from the post.


  • Is there a time limit for editing a post? I can edit my last comment but not the original.

  • There is no time limit for editing a post.

    I have removed the email address from the previous post, but am not sure why you are unable to edit it. Perhaps you can report the content here and we can delete the previous one?

    Also, please place your code within code tags. Thanks

  • Thank you for removing the email address.

    The other post you mention does have little ` . I do not know why the code blocks have not worked. If I could edit the page I would happily fix the problem.

  • Hi mate,

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll do some testing with your account over the next few days and find out why you can’t edit the topic.

    If you find that your login does not work in that time, I may have changed your password. You can find a ‘lost password’ link near the login form


  • OK thats fine. Still seems to be a time limit for editing posts.

  • I think it’s a bit too early to say it’s a time limit issue.

    More likely a connection that did not save correctly between your account and the topic.

    I’ll do some testing and let you know

  • Hey mate,

    Yes, it turns out that the forum locks editing after 5 minutes. I’ve extended this beyond 100 years, so you can now edit all your topics / replies.

    Thanks again for your help on this one

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  • But what happens if I want to edit my contributions in 101 years time? 😉

    It’s worth mentioning that when editing a post with code blocks, the slanted apostrophes get pushed back onto the line above, so you need to pad them down every time you edit. This may be the problem described above (has caught me out every time i’ve edited a post so far)

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