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'Edit post' for Post Object fields

  • Hi,

    in my site I include related posts into other posts with the Post Object Field that’s nested into the Flexible Content add-on. It allows me to add an unlimited number of custom posts into another post.

    For example I have a post about a specific subject. In that post I show custom posts that are made of complex charts.

    I like this and it’s very flexible. Now. I often need to go back and edit the included posts. Now I need to look in the dashboard what posts are included. And then go and find that post elsewhere (I’ve got hundreds of posts). Wouldn’t it be nice if there’s an ‘Edit this post’ button next to to selected Post Object?. See my mockup screenshot.

    Second question. WordPress has an edit_post_link function that outputs a link to go and edit a post. Could I use this same function to edit nested posts created with a Post Object Field? I found a solution for this second question myself:

    <?php $p = get_sub_field("post_object_field"); ?>
    <a href="<?php echo get_edit_post_link( $p->ID ); ?>">edit</a>

    thanks in advance,


  • Hi @Exelmans Graphics

    Thanks for the feature request, however a link can not be placed within a select field. Furthermore, this would not be possible to position the edit button above the select field due to the multi-select fields scroll ability.

    This feature will not be able to make it into the current version, but I will consider adding it in the future if new technology is available.


  • Thanks for the reply, Elliot!

    Just to make sure I made myself clear. I’m in for a solution but the position of the button is completely irrelevant.

    I can be above, aside or below the select field… 🙂


  • Hi @Exelmans Graphics

    The biggest hurdle for this feature is getting it to work with a multi-select field. I just can’t see a way to include an edit button for each item.

    Sorry, but thanks for the request.


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