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Edit Post doesn't list Custom Fields

  • I have been using ACF and add-on plugins on several WP websites for a while.

    On a site in active development today I noticed that the Custom Fields section of Edit Page or Edit Post (including all the custom posts), none of the ACF-defined fields are listed. The Custom Fields section of the Edit Page/Post is there, but lists none of the created fields.

    These Custom Fields are working perfectly well on the live site, and I can view them in the postmeta table, but they don’t appear in the Edit Page/Post. I tried manually adding a Custom Field in Edit Page, and that one appeared.

    I saw no indication of a PHP or javascript error during display of these admin pages.

    I checked a couple of the other sites that use ACF to confirm that they continue to display the Custom Fields as expected. All of the working ones use WP 3.8 and the problem site one uses 3.9; also the problem site uses newer versions of the ACF plugin so that may be related.

    Problem site (that does not display Custom Fields):
    WP 3.9
    ACF 4.3.7
    ACF Repeater Field 1.1.1
    ACF Date and Time Picker 2.0.13
    ACF Number Slider 0.3.7

    Site that still works (displays Custom Fields)
    WP 3.8.3
    ACF 4.3.4
    ACF Repeater Field 1.1.1

    Has anyone encountered this?

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