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Edit media popup not loading properly

  • On one client’s site, I get the full WordPress admin when I pop open a media-edit modal window (see attached screenshots). After editing and saving the single media item, the modal stays open and the media library loads. All of the data saves correctly, but it’s a little confusing to someone not used to the system. Is there a way to fix this?

  • Hi @mindshare

    Can you list what version of ACF you are using? And also which version of the gallery field?

    The edit popup should be using the new WP media, not the old modal window.


  • ACF 4.3.0, gallery field 1.0.0.

    Does the gallery field update on its own, or do I need to download the latest version when I want to use it?

  • Hi @mindshare

    The gallery field can be update to v1.1.0 through the wp-admin plugins page

    This shoudl fix your issue


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