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Edit Image Popup Blank

  • Hi there,

    I’m not sure if this is an issue with the ACF Image field, but we are using the image field within a custom post type, and after we populate the field with an image and click on the pencil edit icon, the Edit Image popup window is blank. Here is a screenshot:

    Is there a way to get this working?


  • I’m not seeing this when testing. It’s possible that it’s caused by a conflict with another plugin or your theme. Try deactivating other plugins and maybe changing themes to see if you can correct the problem. It may also be due to a PHP or JavaScript error during the AJAX request.

  • I know this post is oooold, but I thought I’d leave my findings here for future reference. I also had this problem, in my case it was caused by this filter:

    add_filter('ajax_query_attachments_args', 'my_query_attachments_args');

    Try removing or debugging this, it helped me getting the attachment edit popup to have contents again 🙂

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