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Edit Image only shows Add New screen

  • If you click the Edit Image pencil icon on an image field AFTER you have previously set the Media Manager modal view to the Upload Files view, it locks you in to the Upload Files view. To get it back to the edit screen you have to launch another Media Manager modal from the WYSIWYG and set the view to the Media Library view.

  • Hi @hereswhatidid

    very interesting. Thanks, I’ll look into it

  • Unless I’m not understanding correctly @hereswhatidid, once I have selected an image for an image field, and click the edit pencil, I get taken straight to Edit Image – not Select Image (Upload/Media Library).

  • The issue only occurs if you first open the Media Manager in the standard WYSIWYG and select Upload Files, then close that Media Manager modal. Then, when you click the Edit pencil icon on an image field you see the same Upload Files modal screen rather than the Edit Image screen.

  • Is it possible to get an un-minified version of the JS used to generate the modals? I’d like to take a shot at debugging this as I’ve done some work previously with customizing the Media Manager modal.

  • Hi @hereswhatidid

    Thanks for your help on this one.

    I’m stuck at the moment as to how to include a un minified version.

    I use codekit to concatenate and minify the input.js file and create a input.min.js

    On guihub, you will find the image.js script within the js/input folder.

    Does anyone know how to create a full and a min version of a concatenated script?

  • Hi @hereswhatidid

    Figured it out! Well, the max / min input.js thing in codekit!

    You will find the full input.js file in the latest files on github:

  • Thanks! I’ll let you know if I figure anything out.

  • Did you say in the Stack Overflow question that setting the content.mode to browse didn’t always work? I just uncommented that line and it appears to be working correctly for me now.

    It’s line 1748 in the input.js file.

    The only thing I’ve noticed where it stays with the upload view now is if you use the Add Image after switching views in the default Media Manager. The reason that’s happening is there just isn’t a call to set the view to “browse” in the .popup() method.

  • Hi @hereswhatidid

    Interesting.. yes, when I tried the commented out code, it would work sometimes, but if I closed / opened again, I would see a blank screen…

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