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Edit field group not saving

  • I have ACF embedded in a theme I’m developing, I had version 4.3.5 but then with the update to WordPress 3.9, the WYSIWYG field stopped working. So I updated ACF to 4.3.8 which fixed the WYSIWYG, but then the location field was removed.. So I went to edit the field group and add a Google Maps field instead, but now I cant edit that entire field group anymore.

    I can create new field groups and save them and it works fine, but when I make a change to my main field group and hit update, it says its updated, but hasn’t saved my changes. Is there anyway that the old location field could be causing problems? Don’t know what to do 🙁 I’ve spent around a month on this job and I was almost finished but now I can’t do anything. Please help.

  • Just realized it lets me edit some parts and saves, it just doesn’t save newly created fields. I’m currently recreating the whole group from scratch…

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