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Edit a post with acf_form() : nothing happens

  • Hello,

    I’m trying to include a way to edit in front-end mode the articles created with the acf_form function.

    So I added the code <? Php acf_form (); ?> in the single file of my CPT.

    The form appears and each field is editable. However, when I click on the button “update”, nothing happens. The button does not redirect to any page, the click acts as a simple refresh of the page.

    Do you have any ideas ?

    Thanking you in advance,

  • Are you providing the current post ID in the “post_id” argument for acf_form()?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your quick response.
    I putted this in my single.php file :

            <?php acf_form(array(
              'post_id' => $post->ID,
              'post_title'  => false,
              'submit_value'  => 'Update the post!'
            )); ?>

    Form appears with fields filled but on click on the ‘Update the post!’ button, still nothing happens. And when I hover the button, no link appears in the left-bottom of my browser. It’s like the button is pointing to nothing :/

  • Where in single.php? Inside “The Loop”?

    Are the current values of the fields for the post your are editing appearing?

  • Hi,

    I’m not using the Loop for this single.php, I’ve directly displayed my fields using get_field();.

    In doubt, I’ve tried using the loop and putting inside the acf_form();. The result is the same.

    Like I said, the values appears in each fields …Only the “Update” button doesn’t work 🙁

  • Did you put acf_form_head(); before any html output? Generally before get_header();?

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