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Echo shortcode with repeater inside repeater via ajax

  • Hello everyone,
    i wonder with this question was asked before so I decided to write it in this forum:
    in my site project that i Develop i need to display PDF file inside a popup, this is reports page.
    So i make 2 repeaters – Main Repeater care for the month & year, inside i create another repeater that care for the report himself. (in the front every report is a box).
    in the end of the file (page-reports.php) i create the popup mark-up that in the beginning i hiding his visibility and when user click on the link on the bottom of “Report” the popup show up and the PDF file seen.
    i use the plugin “PDF Embedder” to show the pdf file so i use the shortcode of this plugin.
    i now the best way is to use ajax , but how i do that ? how i reach the sub-field (field File, Because this is pdf file) in the second repeater and display it in the popup?

    ( i don’t so much expert in ajax, so i hope that you will be with patience )

    Thanks in advance for any help

    this is my code:

    <section class="reports-wrraper">
        <div class="site-grid reports-grid">
            <div class="reports-content-container">
                <?php if( have_rows('foa-reports-repeater') ){ ?>
                        <?php while( have_rows('foa-reports-repeater') ) { the_row();                                             
                            // vars
                            $titleMonth = get_sub_field('reports-section-title-month');
                            $titleYear = get_sub_field('reports-section-title-year');
                            <h3 class="green"><?php echo $titleMonth ?>&nbsp;<?php echo $titleYear ?></h3>
                        <!-- Second Repeater --> 
                        <div class="reports-container">       
                            <?php if( have_rows('foa-reports-content-repeater') ){ ?>
                                    <?php while( have_rows('foa-reports-content-repeater') ) { the_row();
                                        // vars
                                        $reportName = get_sub_field('report-name');
                                        $reportDate = get_sub_field('report-date');
                                        $reportImage = get_sub_field('report-image');                                                      
                                        $reportDownloadFile = get_sub_field('report-file-download');                                                      
                                        $reportSiteLink = get_sub_field('report-site-link');                                                      
                                      <div class="report-wrraper">
                                         <div class="report-name-date-wrraper">
                                              <div class="report-name"><h4><?php echo $reportName; ?></h4></div>
                                              <div class="report-date">Report Date<?php echo $reportDate; ?></div>
                                         <div class="report-image">
                                               <img src="<?php echo $reportImage['url']; ?>" alt="<?php echo $reportImage['alt']; ?>" />
                                         <div class="report-buttons-line">
                                             <?php if( get_sub_field('report-pdf-or-link') == 'report-pdf-file' ) {  ?>
                                             <a href="#" class="report-scale"><span class="icon-foa_scale_icon"></span>Open Popup</a><a href="<?php echo $reportDownloadFile['url']; ?>" class="report-download"><span class="icon-foa_download_icon"></span>Download PDF</a>
                                             <?php } else if(get_sub_field('report-pdf-or-link') == 'report-link') { ?>
                                             <a href="<?php echo $reportSiteLink; ?>" target="_blank" class="report-link"><span class="icon-foa_link_icon"></span>Link to website</a>
                                             <?php } ?>
                                    <?php } ?>
                            <?php } ?>
                         <!-- End Second Repeater -->  
                     <?php } ?>  
                <?php } ?>

    The popup mark up :

    <!-- Popup Modal --->
    <div class="popup-modal modal-overlay">
        <div class="popup-modal wrraper modal-transition">
            <div class="popup-modal close"><button class="popup-btn-close">X</button></div>
            <div class="popup-modal content">PDF File need the enter here</div>
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