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Echo field name as class

  • Hi! How can I echo the field name to use it as class?

  • Gonna need more information here I think.

    But it looks like it’s a repeater field (or a flex field/ group field) they are all repeaters and you already have the field name

    if (get_sub_field('col_left')) {
      ?><div class="col_left"><?php the_sub_field('col_left'); ?></div><?php 
  • Yes. In my example it is a flexible content field .

    Thanks for your answer. I’m searching for something like this:

    $fieldname = field name of the marked the_sub_field('col_left');
    <div class="<?php echo $fieldname; ?>">Blablabla</div>
  • Try this:

    $fieldname = get_sub_field_object('col_left');
     $value = $fieldname['_name']; ?>
    <div class="<?php echo $value; ?>">Blablabla</div>

    This should give you
    <div class="col_left">Blablabla</div>

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