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Echo all available the_field

  • Hello!

    Is there a way to echo all available the_field regarding current post, because currently I have something like this

    if(the_field('position')) echo the_field('position')
    if(the_field('dimension')) echo the_field('dimension')

    and with about 50 fields spreaded in different categories it is very difficult to maintain the code, especially since i have to enclose everything inside html styling divs and ul lists

    i was hoping to write something like this

    if(the_field not empty)
    echo the_field


  • One step simpler would be to put each of the field names into an array and then loop through using your code above:

    $my_fields = array('position','dimension','color','weight','etc');
    foreach ( $my_fields as $my_field ) {
    	if ( the_field( $my_field ) ) echo the_field( $my_field );

    If you want to go one step more complicated, you could try automatically building the array of field names by querying all the fields within a particular field group.

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