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Dynamicly loading options in nested select (acf/load_field/name=) not working

  • I have an options page that is a sub page under woocommerce

    I have the following structure

    Product Rule (Repeater)
    – Product (Post Object returns ID)
    – Rules (Repeater)
    — Shipping Method (Multi Select)

    I am trying to dynamically populate the Shipping Method Select I have used the field_id and name but it doesn’t work.

    When I move the “Shipping Method Select” outside of all the repeaters it works.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • I solved my own problem about 10 minutes after posting this.

    this worked…


  • Yes, sub fields require using the field key because the field name includes the parent field name and the row index.

  • Yes but the change that seemed to work for me was when I switched from this hook…


    to this hook…


    load_field would work for items not nested, i have not done any digging though to fully understand the difference and why the change worked.

    Thank you John!!

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