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Dynamically selecting field but NOT saving into the acf-json

  • I’m currently having the following issue in my workflow.
    The technical architect is as followed:
    – I’ve build a WordPress network with multiple sites using the same theme.
    – I’m using the ACF-JSON to generate the same groups over these multiple sites.
    – There is one “master” site that is able to create pages by selecting the sites to activate. Based on the site some pages are published, some are not.
    – Per site it is possible to connect certain “master” pages to other pages. This by dynamically generating the select field choices. See:

    Only here comes the problem.. The dynamically fields are saved in the .json files and that’s the problem. These select fields need to be generated every time when the edit page is loaded, not being saved in the .json files.

    Do you have any ideas how to achieve this?

  • Did you ever find the solution to this?
    Are you using the acf/load_field hook to dynamically generate the choices?
    Is your filter available to all the sites where the field is loaded?

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