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Dynamically pulling flexible content sub block titles

  • I am working on a project where I am creating a plugin that works on top of ACF 5. I have made it pretty far but right now I am stuck on this issue:

    I have a flexible content field setup that has multiple sub layouts. I need to add conditional logic to each of these layouts based on there names. Right now I am doing it by getting their field ID:

    $field_id = $field['ID'];
    *$field being my main array.

    Then doing a simple php switch statement just setting a variable I can then check for when doing conditional logic:

    $layout = '';
    switch ($field_id) {
    	case "19":
    		$layout = "html";
    	case "28":
    		$layout = "grid";

    Then I just check to see what $layout is set to and go from there. While this does work I do not like the fact that I have to update the IDs every time I move development environments or re-create a layout.

    Is there a way I can do this dynamically?


  • The ‘key’ value of each layout should remain the same. These are created in a similar way to field keys. The keys are unique, and like I said, should not change during export and import. If you recreate the layout from scratch though, I think you’ll always need to change your code to match the field.

  • I have updated it to use keys and that seems to work perfectly! Thanks a bunch!

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